Who we are

WE – as an organisation – wishes to take a 360 view of the society we live in. We wish to address issues pertaining to how women are treated, their role in society, the evolution of our society and several other issues, aiming to get closer to the genesis of today. It is a huge task but we are not deterred by time, the complexities of our culture, our history or even contemporary problems. WE wishes to take steps not as a movement but as a solution provider that has inclusion at its core.

On February 7th we brought together minds, protagonists, law makers, writers, observers and social analysts, among others, to address who we are, what our society is all about and why is gender equality not a matter of significance.

Our Vision

To bring about a change in the mind set of society in the way it perceives gender roles, in order to remove biases, stigmas, and stereotypes at all levels. We believe small steps help you reach your destination and until we change minds, no action will bring about lasting change.