#WECHATUP with Raksha Bharadia


The last Friday of May witnessed the start of a series #WECHATUP. A twitter chat with field experts on gender & mindset. First in the series the theme was relationship.  Raksha Bharadia, author of 3 books, editor of Chicken soup series in India and now founder of a relationship website  Bonobology responded to questions & comments pertaining to women & relationship.

A wide range of questions came from across the globe ranging from disparity of income in couples to gender & age. Interests were piqued on status of feminism & LGBT rights as well.  Shared here is a summary of questions and their responses.

Question: Is the age of each gender an important factor in a heterosexual relationship? Why is the emphasis on having a young bride.

Answer:  We are moving towards equality in couple relationships. Age in gender should matter less and less, not more.Wanting a younger bride is still living in the era where men were the providers. It should change , In fact it is changing.

Question : Is #feminism a fashion or reality today?  Why is taken lightly or made a joke?

Answer : By it being a fashion, it has become a reality. However, its is still misunderstood to be hatred against men. Feminism at its core believes everyone should be treated equally. And any one who believes in gender equality is a feminist.

Question: What happens when a wife earns more than her husband. Can a couple live happily with this disparity?

Answer: The Indian patriarchal male needs to really work as hard as does his mother, if the marriage has to work. According to a marriage therapist family interference is the biggest issue of urban couples.

Question: Is online activism as effective as other forms of activism?

Answer: Online activism is not limited by geography and hence has unlimited potential! We can change the world!

Question: Comment on feminist who don’t believe in LGBT rights?

Answer: People who don’t believe in LGBT rights are not feminists! This would amount to having double standards.