The first ever original Sanskrit Pop song



आवर्षति आषाढ़ घनोयम

The sky is overcast with dark clouds & it has just started to rain.

छनन छनन मुक्ता मुंचति

Raindrops sound like pearls falling onto the floor

गरजति मन्द्रं काम गजोयम्

As the Thunder roars deeply, it begins to stir up romance both in nature & human hearts.

सरस सलीला नदी नदीशा:

The Rivers & the sea seem like they are engaged in play. तरवो मत्ता वायु विधूता: Trees are swaying care free in the cool breeze

किसलयकुसुमैर्लता: सुरूपा:

Even the buds & blossoms on the trees have joined in this glorious, intoxicating dance

नयनानंदकरो लोकोयम्

The entire world looks special & pleasing & beautiful.

मदनो निशितं शरं निधते

The God of Love has started shooting arrows

शान्ते स्वान्ते समरं कुरुते

And is causing restlessness in human hearts

मानं जित्वा स्नेहं दयते

Even quarrelling lovers are

कामिजने विजिते सदयोयम्

Succumbing to Cupid’s designs, thanks to the lovely, romantic weather.

Shubhangi is a singer, composer & vocal coach based out of Mumbai. She is passionate about singing in multiple languages & playing the bass guitar.

As a singer, she likes to stretch the limits of what she can do with her instrument & enjoys singing many different genres.
This particular song has been written and produced by Shubhangi’s grandfather and sanskrit scholar Dr. Mathura Dutt Pandey and music has been arranged and mastered y Siddharth Sharma.
In an era where sanskrit seems to be confined to age old scripts with limited interest in the language within the country, it indeed is a refreshing change to hear a POP song in Sanskrit. Kudos to shubhangi and her musical lineage for keeping this alive and relevant for today’s youth.

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