Ramadan and Woman in Islam


Naushi hosted an iftar party in our housing society on June 3rd 2018, inviting all her neighbors for a sumptuous dinner catered from old delhi. All of the society members were invited to celebrate with her and her family, and to get to know a little more about Ramadan and Islam. Impromptu I managed to capture her perspective on the occasion and on Nikah (marriage), talak (divorce) & being a woman in Islam

PS: While growing up I remember it being Ramzan – seems the arabic influence makes it #Ramadan . Which also gets reflected in the attire and greetings. For example ‘Khuda hafiz’ has turned to ‘Allah hafiz’ (as I was also apprised of on my trip to Pakistan) Irrespective- here is a woman’s perspective of being born Muslim.

Btw the meal was delicious. Being a pescatarian ( Only eat sea food besides vegetarian ) I relished the ‘Sheer maal’ (sweet puffed bread) with the ‘Paneer Pasanda’ (cottage cheese prepared in tomato gravy).


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