Mind Management Annu’s way


Anita Vyas or Annu as she would prefer to be called is a lady with a mission. That to help  the millennial child , to learn to process the barrage of information that we are constantly bombarded with in the hyper connected world that we cohanit. She does this with the help of ‘Mind Management’ workshops. Just like the other inventions and discoveries of the world, made for the betterment of humankind, there always seem to be a dark side lurking not too far behind. So is the case with the cyberworld.

Annu in her unique way is making an effort to equip children between the age groups of 10-20 , with the technique to identify and filter information such that they are able to lead a balanced life in the present moment. This further helps the millennials to take informed decisions and not just as a reaction to stimuli or by succumbing to peer pressure.

The workshop titled, Annu’s mind management and personality development, is a 2 and a half hour group session, which orients the children to identify the numerous thoughts at any given point in time. To simplify the process she allocates them into a 11 lane highway and helps filter information according to its importance, at any given moment. She further helps identify fears, past learnt behavior and thoughts which are important for the individual and society at large.

Priced at Re.10 per participant, the workshops for now are conducted in and around Nasik, Maharashtra, where Annu is stationed. She happily waives off this fees for economically weaker students.

On being asked how she was inspired to create and deliver these sessions, Annu gives credit to Dr. Gautam Chatterjee’s book and philosophy on Positive Mantra that counters ‘cyber intoxication, especially in the millennial child’



To conduct this workshop in an institution or in your locality- you can reach Annu Vyas at anitavyas314@gmail.com


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