Umeshwar Shrivastava

Umeshwarji Ji was born in a highly spiritual family where his father worked as a senior bureaucrat with the Government of India. His primary education was in one of the prestigious Christian Irish Brother’s, St. Columba’s school in New Delhi. His re-awakening on the spiritual path was catalyzed at an early age by his grandparents and a series of highly evolved spiritual masters who would come to his home and give him exposure to spiritual training. Later, during the school holidays, he would visit these spiritual masters to spend more time with them for intense learning.
Inspired and guided by his spiritual masters, he acquired engineering degrees from prestigious universities in USA. While studying in the USA, he would take out time every week and address the issues of his fellow students and give them solutions. A practice which he continues till today. With his proficiency in high technology skills of the cyber world he created high-tech projects and products for the benefits of humanity.
On his return to India, he continued under the tutelage of various Gurus of the Shaiva, the Vaishnav and the Shakta systems. Additionally, he was trained in the Vam Tantra system, Kali Tantra system and Aghor system from Supreme Master (Aghoreshwar) in Varanasi, India.
His Jyotish Shastra and Shakti Yog training was under the tutelage of the highly evolved eminence Spiritual Master of the Kashmir kingdom. His profound spiritual knowledge clubbed together with the knowledge of technology, brought not only a unique mix of wisdom to his various prestigious positions held at some of the well-known companies around the world like Telstra, Deutsche Telekom etc., but also enabled him to channelize his ability to explain these scientific concepts with tempering from shastras to these organizations and bring about new ways of looking at problem solving and the way forward.
His in-depth knowledge of the human physiology and “cause & effect” of physical and mental suffering necessitated him to give healing to empower people to overcome them. He gained massive support from renowned doctors from western and other medicine systems many of whom are now his followers and continue to support him to create a better world. And thus, today hundreds of thousands of people from various walks of life have benefited from his interactions and awakenings.
Along with his wife Samikshaji, Umeshwarji is also the founder of the Shree Shakti Consciousness Foundation (SSCF) ( that aims to achieve a better quality of life holistically by empowering individuals with knowledge and skills that improve their overall well-being. SSCF transcends all borders and has a global footprint.
Additionally, Umeshwarji is mentor and associate of various other initiatives in gender sensitivity, climate and environment challenges, human development, healthcare and life skills

Besides active participation in SSCF, Mr. Shrivastava is Visiting Faculty in the Department of Management , Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi He is also an Ex Board Member of the Indian Society for Trading and Development (ISTD) , Diploma Board, ExPresident and Board Member of The Venu Eye Institute and  Research Center, Member of The PHD Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Indian Industries, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and a charter member of The Lions Club (Delhi) Cantt.

Some positions that Mr. Srivastav has held are:

Managing Director Accton Ei-En India Pvt Ltd and EiEn India Pvt Ltd), Director Sales and Marketing

GESS and Advisor GEST(Singapore), Country Manager Representative South Asia:- Telecom Australia :Telstra, General Manager  Telecom Project Telecom Australia & IEPC Ltd. Joint Venture for OFC, South Asia Head:-AP Wireless Inc, Texas USA, Country Manager:- ETL SA and USA ‘ World Connect ’, Director:- The Valona Group of  Companies (Singapore), Advisor ICT:- The Videocon Group, India, General Manager Operations:- IEPC Ltd. (ICT and Tech Transfer)