Menstrual Cup distribution: Breaking Taboos


The #LetstalkPeriod campaign is part of the Woman Endangered initiative to help affect a change in mindsets. Surnirman is an educational and cultural society run in the heart of the slum in east Delhi of the Shastri Mohalla area, Patparganj in East Delhi. Cynthia Kumar or Pinky Ma’am as she is popularly known started work through Sur Nirman, in the area which encloses over 10,000 jhuggi’s in the area. Her relentless efforts aligned with the help of the local MLA’s and the police has resulted in a small haven in the area where earlier prostitution and drugs were rampant among the youth. This is a story of change. WE volunteered to conduct feminine hygiene workshops and subsequent distribution of menstrual cups in the area. 70 women were gifted menstrual cups along with a workshop on how to use it and the long term benefits of saving money, protecting health and environment. A QnA with the women to clarify their doubts was also encouraged through interactive games.


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