A campaign that encourages you to talk openly about Periods along with helping a marginalized woman address her menstrual solution need for upto a decade. Targeting the shame associated with a natural process of the woman’s body and encourage feminine hygiene without whispering about it.

WE or womanendangered as an initiative aims to target debilitating mindsets that affect all of us in different degrees, specifically in promoting a gender equitable society. While all kinds of approach created to help gender equity are indeed welcome, WE have chosen a proactive approach to target Gender inequity at its root cause, that of mindset. And WE are under no illusion that a dent in the mindset will happen overnight. We’ve taken many generations to get here; we will take at least a few generations to start affecting change, but only if WE start talking now. Hence #LetsTalkPeriod

Mother creative

The tangible outcomes of such an approach are often met with raised brows, given measuring a mindset and its evolution is a long drawn process.

But where there is a will there is a way. And when the intention is beyond motives of profit or popularity, the universe offers tangible solutions. In my own personal capacity as the curator of events for the media, marketing and advertising domain, my focus is always to have a fair representation of women on all panels, speaking & juror slots. The situation is far from being equal participation of all genders and the task is tough, only cos of the already skewed statistics towards Men in senior management positions. Further, the focus is to maintain communication, creative’s and gifts to be beyond gender stereotypes (You’d be surprised).

With #LetsTalkPeriod Womanendangered.org has partnered with an eclectic group of women at Stonesoup.in who strongly believe in a sustainable living. And one of their initiatives is to promote a sustainable menstrual solution through medical grade silicone cups.

Suparnaa with the women at the Azadpur slums

The idea with the Period campaign is to generate enough funds through our pilot project to distribute 1000 such cups to a marginalized women living in the slums settled on both sides of the railway track in Azadpur. Why here? It’s a beginning and based on the campaign’s success WE hope to replicate it across the country. In doing so WE are providing a solution which

·      Takes care of a marginalized woman’s menstrual solution need for upto 8-10 years

·      Reduces health hazards in comparison to conventional pads or tampons that are loaded with plastics and chemicals which makes a woman susceptible through prolonged exposure

·      Reduces the burden of waste on the planet

·      Gives a platform to talk of a tabooed subject on the digital platform

WE hope to crowd source funds to distribute these cups and raise awareness in the process about periods and of feminine hygiene products, an issue that almost never gets discussed. WE continue the proactive approach addressing a debilitating mindset and providing a tangible outcome. So won’t you join us in spreading the word? Its time we talk. #LetsTalkPeriod


Womanendangered is neither an NGO nor a trust , its an initiative fuelled by the passion of like-minded people who want to contribute their bit in passing on a society which is inclusive and free of gender inequity.

For a contribution of Re. 200 or more log onto desiredwings.com/period


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