Media Personalities breaking taboos with #LetsTalkPeriod


Through the recently concluded #enbaawards acknowledging the best of work done through the news broadcast media, we got a chance to showcase the #LetstalkPeriod campaign addressing the period taboo. It was heartening to see the endorsement that some of the most prominent Media personalities gave the campaign. All agreed with a need for a concerted effort to address the taboo regards periods. They further shared their own views regards the enormous health, economic and environmental hazards that lack of information or access to misinformation around menstruation that the period taboo is leading to.

We managed to capture some of those quotes and are sharing them with you here.

The #LetsTalkPeriod campaign aims to crowd source funds addressing the period taboo online and distribute menstrual cups offline in the slums.

In the process, we are also conducting feminine hygiene workshops with groups of women in slums. You too can be a part of the campaign by contributing at You can even volunteer for the next feminine hygiene workshop and personally gift a cup or cloth pads to the women present there. If you would like a menstrual cup yourself or would like to gift it to the women in your life,  do write to me at .  For the price of one we will gift one on your behalf to a marginalised woman in the slum.



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