Dance theater challenging ‘cultured’ rituals


The Gauntlet has been thrown!

‘Five Ordinary, Anti-National, Pseudo-sickular, openly smoking, Nanga dancing women will destroy Hindutva. For your voyeuristic pleasure’ Not every day one come’s across a dance theater description as such. While the static plate appears at the end of the video, I couldn’t help but smile.

Missed seeing the performance live in Delhi but am sure on the lookout for the next one by ‘Praatohkrityo’ or morning rituals as it translates from Bangla. A Dance theater to break away from the daily rituals. An expression through art of the unwritten expectations from a woman. A depiction of her daily rituals and the way she conducts her self. While the society may reign her speech, posture, attire and all that goes into making her ‘cultured’ the performance is an expression to break free.

The contemporary dance group of 5 urban millenials had its second performance in Delhi last month closely following a a successful launch in Kolkatta. A non ticketed show that nudges the viewer to put a price on the art they experienced.

Praatohkriya has the potential of being a movement  building a strong case for breaking barriers of religion,race, culture and sex.

The video is uploaded by Anindyo SenGupta and is titled as a ‘Fan Video’


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