Sharif Rangnekar


India views women in different ways. They are worshiped, respected, are seen as a strength to many. Still, woman are abused and restricted and not allowed to define their lives and role in society. Many women have been abused through acts of violence and criminality that steals them of any dignity. Governments and police have been blamed for the abuse of women and so have certain groups.

It is easy to point fingers at third parties be it governments, the law and the police. While these parties have to take responsibility, the fact is that each of these institutions in our democracy in many ways reflects our society or our social fabric. The many layered society, the diversity of our nation, its history and several other factors, makes the fabric we live with very complex. We often slot all issues under the assumption that India has a patriarchal system. Not every State in India falls within that definition. And even if we were to assume that they did, is not the man – the male gender – restricted by this system as well? Are they the dictators and creators of the times we live in or also subjects to what patriarchy is?


Sharif D Rangnekar, is a communications consultant by profession and is a former journalist. What occupies him other than his 9-5 job is his association with human rights and social justice and the desire to write.
He is associated with the #IAmWhoIAm community and the concept band – Friends of Linger. The latter helped him release his first attempt at writing lyrics which turned out to be India’s first song in English dedicated to the LGBT community. He continues to post some of his poetry and prose online and in print. He and his band are now working on their first full album that should be released before the end of 2016.
Some of his writings and commentary are seen and available in Times of India,, Hindustan Times, Pitch, PR Week, besides here on Huff Post.


A mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover, a friend, a mentor, an author, an aspiring artiste, a spiritual enthusiast and a whole lot of things wrapped into this being, lets call her Simply Suparnaa.