She is the hero, She is the song


Bound to the house
In her pink silhouette blouse.
Craving to be free
abhorring the fact that she was a ‘she’

Don’t go out after the sun sets,
Neither should you go before
Don’t you know going out is a threat?
Beauty belongs at home.

Why is that He,
Gets more privileges than me.
Have I done any wrong?
I’m not just a musical note, I’m the whole song.

Water levels rising
Rebel arousing.
The time had come.
Mutiny had won.

Liberty till eternity.
Not a temporary equipoise.
She wasn’t stopping,
Until everybody heard her noise.

Noise, the society loathed.
Noise, it needed to be controlled.
Scared of the noise being too strong,
Hearing just a note, neglecting the whole song.

They suppressed the raging fire,
With arrows and bows.
She didn’t go without a fight
Left a sweet scent of freedom in every woman’s nose.

And just like Germania she wore her invisible crown of oak.
She was a hero,
Mistaken as a joke.


Senior student of Amity International School NOIDA, Associate Editor for the school newspaper and a passionate writer.